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3 Tips for Choosing a Profitable Vending Machine Location

Lisa Printz - Thursday, April 18, 2013

Our 25 years experience in the vending industry has proven that vending machines can be a source of steady, reliable income that requires little effort from the owner. You can stock your machines with delicious food and make a profit with little time investment. The first step in creating a profitable vending business is to strategically place your machine locations. Not every location will lead to revenue, but some have the potential lead to incredible profit. When deciding where to place their vending machines, we recommend following these three rules.

Find the foot traffic

The first rule for vending machine owners is to look for foot traffic. Where are people constantly walking? These are potential customers. Each person that walks by a vending machine is tempted to make an impulse purchase, so increasing the number of potential customers nearly always results in an increase in vending sales. Vending machines thrive in environments where large amounts of people are. Busy offices, airports, and malls are good examples of this environment. Good owners look for locations where large quantities of potential customers are present; they place their machines in spots that are both visible and accessible to those potential customers.

Be the excitement

While you want a lot of foot traffic, you also want to select a location that’s a little less stimulating than others. Munching on a candy bar or sipping on a soda can provide a temporary source of entertainment, and this means that potential customers are more likely to buy in environments like business places, office buildings, or hotels. It is worth the time of vending machine entrepreneurs to consider locations where people are forced to wait with little to do.

Good examples of these locations are barber shops, oil change centers, nail salons, and doctors’ offices. In each of these places people may need to sit for an extended period of time with little to do. This creates a situation where vending machine products are attractive. The acute owner will consider these locations and take advantage of the opportunities when presented.

Choose your competition carefully

You might think that you should avoid placing machines at locations that already have vending machines onsite, but you’d be missing out on a great opportunity! By placing your well-stocked, attractive vending machine next to a competitor’s machine, you can often win business away by comparison.

Quite often, you will find competitor machines that have not been well-maintained or that have a very poor selection. Placing your machine in these types of locations can be highly profitable. Be on the lookout for the following signs that your machine could beat the competition:

  • Poorly maintained machines
  • Old or unattractive machines
  • Machines with a poor selection or a selection different from yours
  • Machines that do not take credit cards

With a mindful owner driving revenue, vending machines can be a wonderful source of income. Location makes all the difference in vending machine sales; some locations lead to incredible sales while others do not. Good owners take the time to consider the long term impact of machine locations on future revenues. By following these three rules, vending machine entrepreneurs can increase their chances of success and establish the consistent stream of cash that allows for future investment and expansion.

What clever locations have you spotted for vending machine placement?

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