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Creative Business Ideas for Twitter

Lisa Printz - Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do you feel like a Twitter professional? Do ideas for using Twitter (and other social media platforms) come to you quickly and frequently?

Well, you would be one of the few! Love it or less-than-love it, Twitter has proven that it is an important marketing tool that is sticking around for the long haul and very useful for business. both 1. And it only gets better when you get creative with the way that you use it!

The next time an opportunity arises in which you want to try out your skills, consider some of the trying out a few of the ideas below:

Twitter competitions

One of the biggest reasons that social media is popular that it allows people to get involved with a topic in ways that they never could when they were reading from a web-page. Your customers want to share their thoughts and opinions, so give your customers the opportunity to do so with Twitter competitions. You could have your followers retweet an entry as a way to place a vote. Another great idea is to let people design your header or background image and vote on the winner. Simple, free ways for you to let your customers get involved!

Piggyback on Industry Leaders

Social media is all about networking: your customers networking with each other and with you, as well as you networking within your industry. A great way to use Twitter to your advantage is to get in touch with the leaders in your industry on a social platform. First, find out who the heavy-hitters are in your industry and follow them on a Twitter list. Ready what they are up to, and respond and retweet them to your followers. Not only does this give you the opportunity to interact with leaders in your industry, but the great content coming through your account to your followers makes you look like someone who has their fingers on the pulse of what’s hot!

Keep an Eye Out for Competitors

In addition to keeping an eye on the leaders in your field, have an eye out for your competitors. Don’t give them more followers by following them, but do check in on them periodically to see how they’re using Twitter to stir up interest in their business. You can even create search lists of Twitter handles or key terms to follow so that you will be the first to know when a new trend begins.

How do you use Twitter for your business?

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