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Going It On Your Own: Part 3 -- How to Transition Out of Your Job

Lisa Printz - Thursday, June 20, 2013

Starting a small business can be a lonely road! If you have decided to start a small business, you’re going to need some help. This series, titled Going it On Your Own, will cover three important parts of starting your own business:

You’d think the hard part would be over after you set up a small business and get used to talking about the idea with family and friends. But you may be wrong! After all the plans have been made, you still have to follow through with the plan and actually transition out of your job.

Check out this list of do’s and don’ts to make sure you transition out of your job with a clean slate.


  • Think up a good elevator speech for why you are leaving your job. Future employers may ask about it. 
  • Have an honest conversation with your manager and co workers so that everyone understands your reason for leaving. 
  • Give at least two weeks notice. 
  • Make a list of names, positions, and contact information in case you want to use your coworkers as references. Connect with them on LinkedIn, too!
  • Try your best to help your company transition or train a new employee to fill your spot. You can also offer to help with the job description!


  • Make your small business preparations on the clock at your current job. 
  • Try to use all of your vacation days at the end of your two weeks notice. It’s not fair to your teammates who need your assistance during the transition!
  • Forget to meet with HR to confirm you final pay, transfer your keys and passwords, and make arrangements for your health care.
Would you be nervous or excited about transitioning out of your job? What advice would you offer to someone going it on their own?

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