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Great Locations for Vending Machines

Lisa Printz - Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Vending machines are a sound way of earning an extra income when placed in the right locations for plenty of foot traffic and customers. When specifically placing the machines in popular areas, it will result in higher earnings and an opportunity to grow the business.

Vending machines should be placed in strategic places where people are waiting long periods of time for services are are unable to have access to other food stores.

Vending Machines in Colleges

Colleges are full of students who are often on the go and have little time to grab a meal, making vending machines a feasible option for getting energy and staying full without paying a lot. Students will learn to depend on the machines to get something on the run for tasty snacks that are within their budget.

Vending Machines in Auto Shops

The waiting room in an auto shop is often a common place to get hungry when waiting for maintenance or repairs on vehicles. People become bored and are looking for something to snack on when they're not able to use their car to visit a nearby eatery.

Vending Machines in Bowling Alleys

Kids and families often roam freely in bowling alleys, getting hungry in between games without wanting to purchase a whole meal. Place a machine near the drinking fountains, close to the shoe rental booth, or even close to restrooms for an easy way to locate the snacks.

Vending Machines in Offices

Vending machines are a common necessity in offices where employees often forget their sack lunches or need a break throughout the day. When it's difficult to access food that may not be on the premises, vending machines are a great option and will ensure plenty of people will spend a dollar or two on an afternoon snack. Only place vending machines in buildings with at least 75 employees to ensure that the food is purchased frequently enough without going stale.

Vending Machines in Malls

Malls are frequented by teenagers and hungry shoppers who all are prone to get hungry when walking around for several hours at a time. Vending machines are a popular option for those who don't want to sit down for a full meal at the food court, but need something on the go to sustain their energy levels and enjoy a sweet or salty snack that they can munch on while continuing to shop.




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