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How to Find More Free Time

Lisa Printz - Thursday, August 15, 2013

In our increasingly busy lives, time is at a premium. And finding more free time is not only ideal, it’s necessary to continue running at maximum efficiency. Here are some ways that you can find more free time in your day:

Wake Up Earlier

Even though it can be difficult to get in the habit of waking up earlier than usual, it’s a simple behavior that adds several benefits to your day. Waking up earlier gives you the opportunity to either dive into your work earlier than your competitor, or provides you with time to yourself to follow a hobby.

If you decide to dive into your work earlier, you will be off and running by the time your competitors roll out of bed. That gives you an edge over them. That gives you momentum.

If you decide to spend some time following a hobby, you’ll be less stressed throughout the rest of your day. You’re relaxed demeanor gives you an edge over your competitor. Also, the time that you spend thinking about things that you want to think about, and doing things that you want to do adds greatly to your overall enjoyment in life.

Map Out Your Day

Don’t find yourself wondering where the day has gone. Know where your day has gone by creating a map for your day. You can start mapping your days by first keeping track of how you spend your time. Don’t try to adjust your schedule, but just keep note of what you do and how long you spend doing it.

After you have done this for a week, take some time to consider how you spend your time. Are you happy with the places your time is going? Are there any changes that you would like to make to your map? If so, map out how you would like for your time to be spent and then make it happen. Hold yourself to your new map, and feel happy that you are directing your time, not letting it slip away.

Don’t Multitask

Multitasking is one of those things that many take for granted as being a good idea, but in the end you waste more time than you save! In fact, the traditional saying that real definition of multitasking is doing many things poorly at the same time!

Whether you’re eating a meal or a snack, working on a project, or spending time with a loved one, you are best at whatever you are doing when you are focused solely on it. Holding yourself to completing one task before starting another may initially make you think that you aren’t completing as many tasks as you could, but you will soon notice that the quality of your work on tasks has skyrocketed.

Take Vacations

One of the most important things about work is knowing when it’s time to take a break. The longer you are working on something, the more difficult it becomes to sustain your effort. Though your performance is suffering, you won’t be able to tell because you are so close to your task that you are not capable of being objective when judging your work. Keep this in mind and plan to spend healthy amounts of time away from your work. This time away will help the quality of your work when you return.

Be sure to include these habits in your day to make sure that you have as much free time as possible.

How do you guarantee that you have the free time that you need?

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