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Marketing your Vending Business

Lisa Printz - Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Marketing your vending business deals with attracting customers, getting them to buy your products and make sure they are happy enough to purchase more. Below are some tips and quick-action ideas to help you take steps that can have a huge impact on your vending machine business.

Location Matters

Population is one of the more important factors when starting a vending machine business, because it has a big impact on your business sales. You can easily gather information on best location for placing your vending machines from local sources and find out where people gather the most. For example, people in and around downtown or parks are more likely to find snack machines appealing, while people in a lower crowded area are more likely to shop from expensive restaurants and stores for the same products. If you want to locate a place or promote your vending machine business over a media, you may do well to start with a list of places where your business will be most appreciated.

Types of Vending Machines

Business owners who wish to add vending business to their stores have many choices. Candy machines, drink machines, snack machines, single and combination vending machines are the most popular among vending machine companies.

Ask the Younger Generations About Trends

In vending machine marketing, it is best if customers think you are cool with your combo vending machines, because young generation lead the trends in the modern world. So, ask them simple questions like "What drink or product is the next big thing, or what is cool and what is not in a combo vending". Their sense of what is new in society can be really helpful, often giving you an indication of what is in demand that may have an impact on sales.

Harnessing the Power of Creativity

The advertisement for your vending business for sale should have the ability to stop people in their tracks and make them notice. That power can come from a clever, creative concept such as a great visual. Some other realistic ways to stop people include presenting your business name and logo clearly and boldly, placing your combo vending machines for sale ads where they aren't bombarded with similar messages from your competitors and using strong headlines to make it pop out of the surrounding screen.

Incorporating stopping power in your ads can be even more creative. You can tell a story behind your business, create suspense or give your ads an emotional impact.




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