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Perfecting Your Elevator Speech

Lisa Printz - Thursday, May 02, 2013

The purpose of an elevator speech is to have a short, simple explanation of your business that you can share in the time it would take to ride an elevator up a few floors. It may seem like an odd phrase, but when you are a small business owner, having a quick go-to line that describes your business can make or break your opportunity!

But how do you decide which details are important? Simple-- walk through these three steps and start practicing!


Talking Professionals

Think about your audience

Before you start listing traits of your business, it is important to decide who your target audience is. By crafting a speech that is geared towards a particular listener, you are much more likely to be successful. You may even want to prepare more than one speech if you find yourself bouncing between family members and prospective clients.

Think about your company

Pick one or two characteristics of your business that you’d like to highlight. What are your strengths and competitive edges? What need does your company fulfill that the person listening may have? For example, as a automated vending operator, you might want to highlight your attractive, reliable machines to a prospective building owner, or perhaps your availability and maintenance expertise that would guarantee a working vending machine onsite at all times.

Put it all together

The key to a convincing and useful elevator speech is to practice, practice practice. Once you have brainstormed and memorized your lines, try it out on everyone you can! Make small talk at the gas station, or call an old friend and fill them in on what you’ve been up to. As you practice, you’ll notice ways to make the speech more clear and more effective and over time it will be perfected.

Your elevator speech is your oral business card: the more memorable, concise, and easy to understand the better. The simple truth is that without an elevator speech, no one will know what you do! So the smartest step is to make sure you can summarize your business and your goals in a short, understandable elevator speech.

What’s your elevator speech?

Try it out on us in the comments! To get started with your own small business as a vending machine operator, give All4U a call today at (800) 584-8887. Vending. Your way.




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