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Podcasting for Business: Is it Right For You?

Lisa Printz - Thursday, September 05, 2013


Do you enjoy listening to books on tape? How about the radio? If you or your customer segment enjoys getting information in these formats, we have a new business trend to share with you that will give you a special edge!

What is Podcasting?

Podcasting describes the process of recording audio files of information -- either a talking program, news, entertainment, or even comedy -- and placing them online for listeners to download. You can subscribe to these podcasts and be notified each time a new one is created, and you can also create your own for others to listen to. The possibilities are endless!

How Can Podcasting Work for Businesses?

While podcasts work great for getting your daily dose of news or information, podcasts can also be a valuable business tool. How? By allowing you to become an important resource that your industry competitors and your customers can rely on.

Podcasting is first and foremost a tool for communicating. Offering interesting, helpful information in a podcasting form is yet another way to provide valuable content. By using tools such as iTunes and Podomatic, you can make a simple recording of your information and have it available to thousands of people every day.

How Do I Get Started?

While it’s easy to assume podcasts are more interesting when a famous person is speaking or industry experts are weighing in, that’s no reason to not start your own and give it a try! A professional show can be recorded by anyone with access to a microphone and a computer, and interesting and informative information can come from anyone with business experience.

For example, you could share how you started your business, or your opinions on your industry. Invite friends in real life, or online friends you meet through social networking to discuss different topics. You could even poll your customers for topics they would be interested in, then host a show devoted to that topic.

When you’re reviewing your marketing options, be sure to look into podcasting as a professional communication tool for you and your audience.




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