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Secrets to a Successful Vending Business

Lisa Printz - Thursday, June 18, 2015

Running a vending business can be a fruitful journey. You are able to dictate your own success level with the number of vending machines you take on. You can take control of your finances by working with an operator that provides a rewarding and profitable experience. With all that's said, we want to share five secrets to running your own vending business that is definitely money making.

Being Realistic

As with all other business, you will not see success immediately. You need to put in hard work initially to establish your target market and grow the business. You need to keep your finances in check so that you know how many machines you can buy. At the same time, make a plan and find out how many hours can you commit to the business. This also determines the number of machines you can work with (including servicing) during the day.

Write Your Business Plan

A detailed business plan will put you in the right direction. That may be half the battle won when you follow through closely. Many vending routes come with a built in plan for your success. Follow those closely so that you can avoid making mistakes others have already made. 

Differentiate Your Products

Some of your products may be more popular than others but don't forget to refresh your offerings with a variety of products. People do not always eat the same foods. Some love to try new things especially if they are always going to your machine. Keep mixing up the choices each time you fill your machines.

Listen to the Customers

If you are refilling your machines and the same items are always empty, this means that customers love that product. You should stock more of that product and probably reduce the quantity of others not selling well.

Looking Professional

No one wants to buy machines that are dirty. Ensure that your machines are cleaned and refilled regularly. When meeting prospects, remember to dress smart and present yourself professionally. The best way to help them remember you is not just your smile but also your contact information.




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