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Small Business Isn’t for Everyone: How to Tell if You’re Ready to Start a Small Business

Lisa Printz - Thursday, July 25, 2013

For investors looking to get into the vending realm, it often comes down between two options: buy into a franchise or start your own small business. While there are always two sides of the coin, we here at All4U firmly believe that it’s small business ownership all the way!

Don’t get us wrong -- franchises aren’t all bad! But nothing compares to putting time and energy into a company that’s all yours!

What’s the difference?

Essentially, buying into a vending franchise means you pay an upfront fee and ongoing royalties to a larger company and begin to operate under their branding with their products. Small business opportunities, on the other hand, are opportunities to start a business in which you invest in machinery and keep the profits for yourself.

Take a look at the chart below that pits franchise ownership versus small business ownership. For most people, there’s just no comparison!


  • Initial Fee
  • Ongoing royalties
  • Purchase rights to an area
  • Market as that company

Small Business

  • Purchase your machines and be free (no fees)
  • Free to make as much as you want - no parent company takes your hard-earned income
  • Sell your product where and when you like -- it’s all up to you!
  • Market as yourself -- your small business is an asset

The bottom line is that the most important reason that small business opportunities beat out the competition is that you’re investing your time and money into your most important asset -- yourself! When you own a small business, you alone reap the rewards of your hard work and time investment. And how hard you work and when you work is all up to you!

Small business owners don’t have to do it alone

Many people assume that small business ownership is a little too much to tackle on your own -- but that’s why All4U is the best solution of all. All the benefits and perks of small business ownership, but with the support, advice, and expertise of 25+ years experience in the vending industry. Small business owners do all the work for themselves, but they don’t have to do it alone!

Have you ever considered starting a franchise?

What made you change your mind? To get started with your own small business as a vending machine operator, give All4U a call today at (800) 584-8887. Vending. Your way.




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