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Social Media for Small Business: 3 Tips for Building a Fan Base

Lisa Printz - Thursday, April 04, 2013

As a small business owner, you probably know that it’s important to get online and build your brand via social media. But it always comes down to a simple question: How?

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The process isn't as easy as setting up a Facebook page and letting the audience come to the company through the magic of the internet. An extraordinary number of businesses have Facebook pages, but so many of those companies have very little fan activity. This means the time invested by those companies to create a Facebook page hasn't paid off with any true value. Small businesses should consider the following for ways to build brand and popularity on social media:

Make valuable content updates

The number one way to get positive attention on the internet today is through content, and this method applies heavily to social media. A Facebook page without updates or a Twitter feed without any activity isn't going to get any attention. The few fans that a small company might have will eventually forget all about those social media pages if there isn't some activity on a regular basis. Social media for small businesses requires just as much activity and content as what a larger company would offer fans.

In addition, the content can't be posted simply for the reason of getting something up on a social media page. A company actually needs to make a plan regarding what type of content needs posting, and the value such posts will offer the brand. Timely posts about company products or sales are a terrific type of content to include in standard social media pages as is new information about the company itself such as new locations.

Encourage communication and activity

Social media isn't a one-way-street, and it's important for a company to encourage participation and communication from fans and followers. Providing games and interactive options for fans encourages repeat visits to various social media pages, blogs, and websites where a traffic boost is beneficial. Even something as easy as a basic flash game that includes a particular product made by the company will offer valuable exposure for the company. Each minute a fan spends with that simple game, subtle reinforcement of brand recognition builds.

Knowing how to find fans often involves capitalizing on a current fan base, and the more that people are talking about a particular company, the more attention the brand will receive. When a Facebook fan is active on a social media page, his or her friends might see that activity and become interested in what that Facebook page is about. The value of a recommendation from a fan to one of his friends represents one of the most valuable types of fan building available through social media.

Provide incentives through social media

People love sitting on Facebook to see updates, and they tend to hang on every word posted on their favorite Twitter feeds or head to their favorite blogs immediately whenever a new post shows up. Each of these valuable types of social media content may be considerably enhanced through the addition of incentives or coupons offered to fans, readers, and customers.

The only thing better than seeing an interesting new post from a company is seeing that there's a coupon available or some other type of incentive offered. Incentives are a terrific way to find new customers through recommendations and positive attention across various social media platforms. A coupon listed on the company's blog should probably be cross-posted on Facebook or Twitter to offer greater exposure to the business.

Building a social media empire takes planning and persistence, but it's not an activity restricted to just the largest companies. The best thing about social media programs for small business is how easy it is for the smallest enterprise to act like a Fortune 500 company. Everyone is equal on the internet and the smallest company can offer the same valuable content as a company with a huge marketing budget.

Creating a solid social media networking and marketing plan and sticking with it offers amazing opportunities for building brand recognition and gaining new customers.

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