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Social Media in Vending: Does It Make Sense?

Lisa Printz - Friday, February 21, 2014

Expanding a business that is comprised solely of vending machines can seem like a daunting task. However, business owners who manage vending machines must realize that they have on their side the marketing efforts of every single brand of candy and snack they sell.

Also, these business owners must remember that they are in the convenience business. This means that they want to target anyone who needs convenient food in a hurry. Rather than simply giving up and just "hoping" that people buy from the machines, it is high time that vending machine owners used social media to market to the customers who need the most convenience.

The Market Is Younger

The majority of people on social media are young and either just starting out their careers or finishing up school. Younger professionals tend to work in jobs that are fast-moving and do not require a great deal of sitting at a desk. Meanwhile, students are constantly in need of snacks and foods that will help them to get a little bit of energy as they continue with their class and homework schedule.

The Market Tends To Work Near Vending Machines

The young target market for vending machine sales tends to work and go to school near vending machines. Many young people work in malls or go to schools that have many vending machines. Also, young professionals in the medical or business fields are in high-stress jobs where they move around and often do not have time to eat. This is how a business owner can reach this target market.

Social Media Blitzes

Using social media to advertise the locations and the brands that the vending machine owner has is often the best idea for expanding the business. Placing machines in high-traffic areas and placing maps and brand listings on social media sites will help to draw in the younger crowd.

People who are partial to a particular type of candy or chips are going to share this new vending machine discovery with all of their friends. Moreover, the friends who enjoy different types of food are going to check to see if the vending machines have their favorite foods, as well.

Using social media means targeting the people who are most likely to seek out and use vending machines. Interacting with customers can bring in new suggestions, spark new intrigue and keep people using the machines every day of the year.




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