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Targeting Customers For Your Vending Business

Lisa Printz - Monday, December 30, 2013

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If you want to own a combo vending business, you need to know how to target your customers. More than likely, vending machine companies who lease out snack machines can give you some advice. However, you should also learn how for yourself to attract the right clientele.

Aspects of Starting a Vending Machine Business

Learning how to attract the right customers to your snack machines requires some basic knowledge of market research. Choosing the right market requires knowing what aspects most affect how many sales are generated from your combo vending machines.

Location -- Combo vending sales highly depend on where you put them. Not only does the city and state matter, but also does the section of town in which you place them. Remember this when browsing combo vending machines for sale.

Even more specifically, you need to know what neighborhood and in what kind of building you should place them. Or, if you prefer outdoor combination vending machines, you have to find out where the best placement is for them.

Demographics -- The age, gender and income level of the people frequenting certain places sometimes matters. It also affects the choice of food items you would place in your snack machines.

For instance, if you place vending machines in an office where mostly 50-year-old women work, they might not eat the same types of snacks as men in a factory or teenage girls and boys in school. Choose among vending machines for sale wisely before making a decision.

Interests -- For instance, trying to start a vending machine business in a piano store might not get you very much sales. On the other hand, a vending business for sale at a roller skating rink might make you quite a bit of money. Any place you can think of where both adults and children eat food is a good choice, but not probably inside a restaurant.

Variety -- If you want to invest in a vending machine business, you may want to place a wide range of food and drink items in it. This is especially useful if you’re not really sure what age group to target, or if you know a diversity of people of all ages will be accessing. Perhaps some juices, sandwiches, candy bars, chips, pretzels and peanuts are a good start.

Timing -- You don't want to put snacks no one's heard of or items that no one is interested in anymore. It also doesn't help to try starting a vending machine business during a time of year in a location where not many people will be present.

For instance, acquiring a vending business for sale during the winter at a beachfront property is not a good move. Wait until summer to start a vending business there instead.




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