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The Power of Branding

Lisa Printz - Friday, November 01, 2013

We see them every day, but rarely take the time to pay them much attention until we need them. Brands dominate our lives and, whether we want to admit it or not, dictate our buying decisions. Good brands grow quickly and turn into household names. Poor brands struggle and eventually fade away. How do you create a strong brand in the vending industry?


There are hundreds of thousands of vending machines located throughout the United States, and many of them look the same: dull, gray, and large. For most consumers, vending machines are sought out because they are easy to find, and little nearby competition makes for a quick decision. However, a unique brand with very clear benefits over other vending machines (healthy snacks, gluten-free snacks, etc) can convince people to go a little bit out of their way for an option they would prefer. Stand apart, be bold, and win more business.


McDonald's is most commonly referred to when discussing brand continuity. A hamburger in Las Vegas tastes the same as one from Bar Harbor, and virtually anywhere in between. Continuity of brand is established by having a clear set of rules for operating and servicing the business, as well as marketing materials that identify with the brand itself. Logos, color palettes, fonts, and images that are properly associated with a vending company make it easier to introduce the company to new people, in new areas. This is one of the best ways to build an expanding business, by being clear about the expectations associated with the business, and ensuring that all materials share a similar theme.


Niche businesses that identify an unmet (or poorly met) need and fill it often win big. What does your vending business do that others do not? Discover your best qualities and share them proudly. If you find an opportunity that others have not taken advantage of, be sure to verify the benefits and then seize onto it.

What About You?

Have you found some great ways to brand your business and make it grow? Share with our readers in the comments!




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