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The Top Five Networking Groups in Your Town that Every Small Business Should Know About

Lisa Printz - Friday, February 07, 2014

For any small business, local networking is an important part of making new business relationships and increasing awareness and sales. However, if you decide to start a vending business, or buy a vending franchise, local business connections can become especially important. Getting your vending machines out in your community is your main priority.

To do this, you need to be aware of what vending options you need to have available to fit the needs of your customers. One great way to make those local business connections and understand the vending options needed is to attend local networking group functions in your area. Here are five networking groups that you need to know about if you own your own business.

Chamber of Commerce

Membership with your local chamber of commerce is one of the best places to start networking with other businesses. Most local businesses will be registered members of the chamber of commerce, and they are sure to attend monthly meetings and functions. These meetings are designed to help businesses be aware of other businesses in their area, and to help them work together to be more profitable. Business owners are very likely to make connections that can increase their own business sales.

Rotary Club

This is an organization made up of business owners whose main goal is to provide service to their community. While this group has a focus of providing humanitarian services to their local citizens, they have regular meetings that are set up as social events. These meetings are great opportunities for networking with other businesses.

Lions Club

This is another volunteer organization with a focus of providing needed services in their community. Most of the members are business owners, and they also have monthly meetings and social events that can offer business networking opportunities.

Business Network International

This is a local networking group found in most communities. The sole focus of this group is to help you make connections with other business owners that can help increase your business ventures. This group also strives to provide referrals to other businesses or groups that could benefit from your service.


This is similar to Business Network International, however with LeTip, there is only one business per business category allowed. In addition, businesses are required to work with at least one other business owner in the group once a week in order to increase understanding of the other's business, and to be able to effectively offer referrals.

The business of operating vending machines is a unique opportunity that depends on local networking. Involvement in these groups is sure to increase business and the overall bottom line of your company.




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