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Three Questions Your Customers Are Dying to Know About Vending

Lisa Printz - Thursday, June 11, 2015

Vending machines are like a gift box - beautiful on the outside but nobody knows for sure what is inside. Although most machines enable people to view through their transparent display panels, there are various unknowns. In this blog post, we will look at three things your customers wants to know about vending machines.

Dietary Information

More and more consumers are heeding the call to keep fit and eat healthy. They read up food labels to make sure their foods are not loaded with calories and synthetic additives. They make sure they are consuming healthier options even when its candy snacks. When the option to check nutrition levels is available via your vending machine, it may be useful for the health conscious public and the coming future.

Machine Malfunctions

Although vending machines are designed to function autonomously, that fact is that many of them hang up and refuse to deliver the purchases. Nothing irritates a vending machine customer more than losing their money and the product. Consumers naturally expect that the machine is at least serviced or receives some type of periodic maintenance so they function properly. Consumers will avoid a machine that has a history of malfunctions and this can lead to decreased sales and business to the vending machine owner.

Expiration Issues

Sometimes, vending machines may contain food and snack items that have reached or exceeded expiration dates. When consumers see that, they would probably never buy from these machines anymore because it reflects poor service quality and the reputation of the vending owner. The last thing they need is any cases of food poisoning.

All vending machines should contain non-expired products that abide by the health and food standards enforced by the regulators. When these information are displayed, they will provide consumers with a peace of mind during purchase.




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