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Top Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

Lisa Printz - Friday, April 12, 2013

Starting a small business is always a challenge. It is even more challenging when the business is home based, which is why the business owner needs to keep track of everything that could affect the business. Your home office is the center of your business. So if it is disorganized -- or worse, you don’t feel productive when you’re in it-- you may be missing out! When it comes to a home office, organization is the key to being productive.

Read on for four top tips for organizing your home office!

Smiling Man in Organized Workspace

Dedicate a Table or Drawer for Small Office Supplies

Since small office supplies can make the environment of the office look messy, it is vital to keep them all in one place. Keep office supplies, which can include staples or paper clips, in a small table or drawer where they are easily accessible. This can also help to increase productivity on a daily basis by allowing you to know where your small office supplies are at all times.

Maximize the Placement of Office Furniture

When you start to design your home office, be sure to arrange your office furniture where it will be most convenient for what you will be doing in the room. Do you make a lot of phone calls? A comfortable chair next to your phone is a must. Type and print a lot? You won’t want your printer all the way across the room. Base your placement decisions on the actual use of the item to make sure you are getting the biggest bang out of your space.

Use Filing Cabinets

A great organizational tool is a filing cabinet. The filing cabinet will help you keep track of their transactions and other important paperwork like payroll, proposals, and business plans in filing cabinets. Moreover, a great way to maximize the use of filing cabinets is to label each folder with bright-colored tabs. This method will help the business owner find the files they need without any hassles.

Create a System to Keep an Organizational Ambiance

In order to keep the organization flowing smoothly, the business owner needs to create a system. An example of a system is always keeping things where they belong, such as desktop computers, laptops, printers, paper and other office supplies. Once this system is disturbed, it can quickly get out of hand. A great way to make sure your home office stays organized is to end each business day by rearranging and cleaning up. This allows you to refocus and mentally detach yourself from the workday as well as begin the following day with a clean office!

What’s your best organizational tip for keeping your home office tidy?

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