Why Vending

Facts you should know about Vending

How Does Your Present Income Compare With These?

  • Average Hourly Income of an Office Worker – $13.50
  • Average Hourly Income of a Factory Worker – $13.16
  • Average Hourly Income of a Salesperson – $16.47
  • Average Hourly Income of a Plumber – $20.56
  • Average Hourly Income of Snack Vender Owner/Operator – $70.58

Compiled from the Department of Labor Statistics

By calling one of the ALL4U company representatives, they can walk you through the few simple steps of starting your vending business. They will line you up with professional locators, candy suppliers, bookkeeping systems, suggested locations for your candy machines, and professional advice.

Ask Yourself.... What other business offers the following with a national firm backing you every step of the way!!??

  • No Selling Experience Needed
  • Not Seasonal
  • No Technical Experience Required
  • No Fixed Equipment
  • High Income Potential
  • No Credit Risks
  • Automatic Repeat Business
  • Comprehensive Company Support
  • Grow at Your Own Speed
Vending Career with All4U Vending
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